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Each New Yorker issue includes a short story. It’s one of the reasons that I like the magazine. Their website also shares an interview with the author about the topic of the story. There is often a podcast with the author reading their story.

I’ve been building a table with links to these resources. In addition to keeping the table current, I am working through the New Yorker archives to extend the index backwards in time. The table is behind the upper right hamburger menu. The list also includes a link to each issue’s landing page.

I have two other pages available right now. One is an index to the “link dumps” from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. The links are down the page, below a description of the Evil Mad Scientist’s project. EMSL just released another link dump for April 2023. Their link dumps are a list of cool websites that they find. They are interesting and the archive is worth exploring.

The other page is an index of the movie reviews that I’ve posted here.

So, if you like good short stories, the New Yorker fiction page links to a growing collection.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Making the world a better place, one mad scientist at a time”

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories develops many gizmos to let microcontrollers help or be artists, to magnify integrated circuits into a giant-sized DIP. They are really fun and worth looking over. They celebrate the maker community and its artistic talents.

One regular series on the blog is a monthly link dump. I’ve collected links to them on a page here.

The link dumps are always interesting and I hope you enjoy them as much as me.