oven mittsRecently I felt like a modern Don Quixote.... I was going to vanquish the army of spiders beneath my house.

While I was at war, my inner Sancho was sure I could never make a dent. I would never reach my dream of a spider-free basement.

However, I got out my Dirt-Devil and attacked the stairwell. It felt like a quixotic quest. I was sure I’d burn out the sweeper long before the cobwebs were gone.

All I wanted was a nice place for my new furnace filter and I gave up feeling defeated.

...or so I thought

I went down last week and the cobwebs that had ruled in the past were no more.

Don Quixote: vindicated at last!

Replace Windows 8 disk, phase 3

I was able to archive quite a few files.
* The files from a Linux server that I hadn’t saved
* The files from a 1TB drive from an old computer
I restored the files from the archived system onto that 1TB drive.

When I booted that restored system, the hard drive was making extremely loud seeking noises. I looked quickly at the drive performance statistics and they were the same as the original drive. I shut the system down and checked and the drive wasn’t damaged.

I was able to reset with the recovery partition and now I’ve got plenty to do and the system appears stable so far….


When I go over to Mom and Dad’s, sometimes we play dominoes. Our go-to game is Mexican Train.

Dad was at choir practice last night so it was just mom and I. We decided to alter the rules and play with a double 10 set of dominoes and start with 12 each instead of 15.

It was very pleasant. Not too much thinking and the rounds didn’t last too long.

Mom started building a tower, so I thought I’d build one too. I had an idea to make it triangular instead of square. That turned out to be pretty stable.

I got it pretty high

dominoes in front of me

A tower of dominoes only lasts so long

This is after the inevitable.
dominoes spread across the table
Mom had the camera pointing at me just as it fell, but she jumped out of surprise so there aren’t any pictures of the demolition.