Uncanny world – the grocery store

Last week I did a test to see whether I still needed to eat gluten free. So far I’m ok eating not gluten free.

However the experiment veered quite expensive Sunday. I was pulling up to a gas station for a donut and hit the curb on the way in and hard! My car made odd noises as I left.

I went to the shop a couple days later, fearing the worst—that I’d did some extensive damage. Fortunately, not, but I needed a front end alignment. So, the donut ended up costing $85.69. $0.69 for the pastry and $85 to align the suspension. I hope the donut was worth it.

Today, I went to two local grocery stores without restricting my shopping list. It was weird not knowing what to buy, since for so long, most of the store was off limits.

I ended up buying Wheat Chex, whole wheat flour and didn’t need to question the other things I got.

It was a very uncanny experience….