An anniversary

a red heartApril 1 is a big day in my life. I had a cardiac arrest at work and was rescued by my boss who did CPR until the EMTs were able to restart my heart.

As a result I have an ICD, an implanted defibrillator/pacemaker. I’m on my second one.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the attack.

The cause was never determined definitely although it might have been because of low Magnesium levels. I was in a really stressful time at work, and I was maxed out on stress when it happened. One part of the stress was fearing being dragged out of the closet.

I was fortunate that I got up and was heading to the kitchenette. Before I made it there, I collapsed and fell on my forearms–lots of bruises. If I had stayed at my desk, I would have just slumped over and died since no one would noticed in time. At the time, I got up with chest pain thinking that drinking some water would help. I probably aspirated the carrots I was eating, which kept me in the hospital some extra days and helped me acclimate to my new reality.

I was glad that my heart catheterization showed very little blockage so I didn’t need any stents or bypass surgery.

So I have a big anniversary coming up.

Zip code ciphers: I Love You

I was talking to a friend. I noticed that his zip code is really close to 32K (32768). I wondered what powers of two have a zipcode.

I found 3:

  • 02048 – Mansfield, MA
  • 04096 – Yarmouth, ME
  • 65536 – Lebanon, MO

It’s amusing that all three are in states that begin with “M”

Next, my mind wandered to representing ASCII strings as zip codes. There aren’t enough zip codes to make this easy. However, I came up with this code for “I love you”

Wilkes Barre, PA; Womelsdorf, PA; Sharpsburg, GA; Deerfield St., Bridgeton, NJ; Cherry Point, NC.

In hex that is 49 0D 4C 4F 76 45 20 79 6F 75.

Heart © THOR (image license)