Where is Trump going to send his immigrants

For some people, Donald Trump’s promise to deport all of the illegal aliens sounds like a great idea. Their thought is that these people are criminals (if only because they’re here illegally) so why not send them back to where they came from?

I’ve been thinking about that, the idea of deporting 11+ million illegal immigrants. It seems completely an un-fulfillable promise shot down by the simple question “Where will these people go?”

Suppose we determine (not sure how) that, say, 2.8 million of these people came from Mexico. Do you really think that Mexico would allow us to drop off that many people at the Juarez and Tijuana border crossing and welcome them home? Any country that could be the destination for the deportations would be foolish to allow them in. Mexico doesn’t have room for all of these people. Guatemala doesn’t have a place for all these people. Any other country that we would try to deport them to isn’t going to let them in either.

It seems to me that the realistic outcome of deporting all of the illegal immigrants is that they immediately transition from being immigrants to being refugees. Where will they go? I can imagine big internment camps. Instead of feeding themselves, they’ll be the responsibility of the state and federal governments to feed. Instead of being responsible for their own medical expenses, suddenly, they’re not responsible for anything.

The proposal doesn’t stand up to even the simplest attempt at logic.

Where are these people going to go?