Logging the miles

As you can see from my earlier post of the gas price data Gas Price History I can be a data pack-rat at times.

Sometimes it’s worthwhile, sometimes not so much.

This summer I had a friend change my spark plugs. We did something incorrectly and my gas mileage has been worse ever since. With the cold weather, the problem has been more dramatic.

A hand and gas pump filling a gas tankBecause of my data charts, I know that the change this winter is worse than the normal seasonal variation of gas mileage. I’ll be getting the plugs redone soon and I hope that that will help.

Original image: Pumping Gas Nozzle Pump. By Mike Mozart [Image license]

No accident here

I had a little extra excitement driving up from a doctor’s office yesterday. It was getting toward rush hour and the interstate was pretty busy.

There was a large group of cars merging on the next on ramp so I got out of their way by going to the middle of three lanes, thinking I’d be safe. However, another driver merging in apparently decided they weren’t going fast enough so he went to pull into the center lane too!

I don’t think he saw me (or even looked) because he didn’t back down from going into my lane. We were almost aligned so I’m grateful I saw him moving in.

I popped over to the third lane where the really good thing happened: there wasn’t anyone near me in that lane for me to cause my own accident.

I wanted to do some road rage and chase the person, but when the green car drove off speeding, I didn’t chase him and just noticed that he had a special license plate. I have had some bad experiences with people having that plate, so it is hard not to use it as a confirmation that they are all rotten drivers.

Thinking about the incident in bed, it was challenging to not obsess on what almost happened. A little prayer and noticing that there wasn’t any accident when it could have been a really bad multi-car pileup, I was able to let it go.

So, the score is zero accidents, one negligent driver and a grateful accident-free driver.