1913 Bible

I went to the local antique shop and found this beautiful Bible. It has an engraved wooden cover. I also appreciate it’s using photographs for some of the illustrations inside the book.

Engraved Cover

The title page says that is the Authorised Version from 1913.

The inscription in the back of the title page reads:

“In terms of the Letters Patent granted by Her late Majesty Queen Victoria to Her Printers for Scotland, and of the instructions issued by Her Majesty in Council, dated Eleventh July, Eighteen Hundred and Thirty-nine, I hereby License and Authorise William Collins, Sons and Company, Limited to Print and Publish, as by the Authority of His Majesty King George the Fifth, an Edition of the New Testament, in Brevier Antique Type, decimo-sexto size, to consist of Six Thousand Copies, as proposed in their Declaration, dated the Twentieth day of February, Nineteen Hundred and Thirteen, the terms and conditions of the said Instructions being always and to all points fully complied with and observed by the said William Collins, Sons and Company, Limited. Dated at London, the Eighth day of March, Nineteen Hundred and Thirteen. Alex. Ure.

A couple of the plates include:

“Bethlehem (Ephrath or Ephratah) is 2527 feet above the sea-level, on two hills. The modern town. Beit Lahm lies east of the main road from Jerusalem to Hebron (Ruth 1.2; 1 Sam. 16.11; Matt. 2.1, 8; Luke 2.4 etc.)”

“The supposed tomb of Lazarus (near Bethany), whom Jesus raised from the dead (John 11.3) The picture shows the opening from which the stone was removed.”

Usually in my Bible collection, I collect different translations, but this is a beautiful enough volume, that I intend to keep it as a duplicate.

The beastly gas pump

I went to a gas station in Fort Wayne yesterday. My normal pattern is to fill up the tank until the pump trips that the tank is full.

A photograph of a gas pump showing $10.24 and 4.096 gallons.I saw that the pump stopped at $16.66. Since I notice interesting numbers, I saw the 666 in the middle of it, which is a number mentioned in the book of Revelations in the Bible.

It took me a second to decide whether I should leave it there. (with the fantasy that the next person would see it and get uncomfortable.) That’s crazy in couple of ways. The most obvious is that the next person probably wouldn’t even notice.

However, I didn’t want to upset anyone, so I dispensed a little more gas to change the number.

I put a tweet up asking whether you would be uncomfortable to see $6.66 and whether you would enjoy not changing it.

I think I could find more useful things to occupy my time.