I got back from Chicago

A bus or train
This was a fun way to end the week. Thursday I went to Chicago to see my sister. They have an apartment about 50 floors up. They have a view of the lake and quite a few tall buildings for good measure.

I took the commuter train from South Bend to Chicago and back. The trip there was a little altered because they were doing planned maintenance on the tracks so we bused into Michigan City for the first leg.

I had a really nice visit to the Art museum and saw lots of armor and weapons. There was a sound installation in the main hall that I really liked. There was also an AIDS gallery that had a lot more information than I had time to take in. It had four screening rooms with lengthy videos that I only sampled.

Today we braved the rain to see the cloud gate (Bean) and looked at a Victorian stained glass exhibit in one of the underground areas. I had a Chicago style hot dog before boarding the train.

I made some raspberry pudding. I’m still perfecting the process. This one ended up solidifying before I even got it off the stove. It didn’t form any film on the surface, but it also was more custardy than puddingy. I haven’t learned what I need to do to have a nice pudding texture. I don’t have any food dyes either so the result is always white.

One that I would like to try to make is a chocolate mint recipe. Maybe the next time I buy milk? I haven’t tried soy milk or other vegetable milks instead of dairy.

It was a fun weekend. I knew sirens are loud up on the 50th floor because I’ve heard them talking to my sister on the phone, but it makes it take a while to fall asleep.

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