They have compromising videos

Excited Talk
Today I got the 4th email asking me to send a payment to prevent videos of “me having fun” from being released to my friends and coworkers.

Three of the threats had a “from” at and one was from a .ru return address. The messages appear to have been generated by (automatically?) filling in a lengthy template. The text in the .ru threat was completely different.

The threats are based on my same user name, password and email address. The message subjects are the same. All of them demand that I should pay the money via bitcoin. They all claim to have videos that record me using a pornography service. They give me 48 hours to reply. They all use warped syntax and look like they were created by a non-English speaker.

One message was from July when I first heard of the porn video scam. I received three threats this month.

The user name/password were only used on a livejournal account. It’s a demonstration why using different passwords on different sites is important. If I had had repeated passwords, I wouldn’t know where the theft happened.

It also shows that once information is stolen, it can pop up repeatedly. I assume that I’ll be getting more of these messages.

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